Monday, June 2, 2014

Andreya's Big 3rd Birthday

My Little girl just turned three years old. I am so sad she has grown up so fast. I remember her on her first birthday and that only seems like yesterday. This year we did her birthday in Dora and Boots. She loves Dora her room is decorated in dora and boots. Here are some pictures of her birthday party. We had a big lunch for the party goers with green chili, tortillas, and rice and beans. We played a game of pin the flower on Dora's Bracelet. The kids had a lot of fun. Then we went outside and broke the Pinata. Andreya had a lot of fun hitting the pinata. We had made some Dora back pack candy bags. They turned out really cute they were for the kids to collect candy with. Purple for Girls and Orange for boys. then we went inside and sang happy birthday and ate some cake. Andreya had so much fun and we really thank all the family and friends who came and celebrated and had fun with Andreya.


I have not been on my blog for years.  But I have been creating a lot of crafts lately and would like to share all my wonderful delights.  Trying to re-activate my old account.  Lets see if it works. 

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's been a long time :)

So It's been a long time since i have posted last. Well let me fill you in on my life right now. In September i moved with my husband and beautiful daughter Andreya down to the valley. I have been working at the same company i worked for when i lived down here a long time ago. I do customer service and right now i really enjoy my job. My husband works at a bank in mesa. We have been living in a one bed room apartment while we have been looking for a house. We found one and our in the process of buying it. I am so excited to get in this house it's driving me nuts lol We bought it out in San Tan Valley in east mesa. I can't wait to have room again. Me and Gabe decided it would be easier to move our things with out our little monster in the way so we sent her up to her grandparents house only to find out she was sick and had two ear infections. But none the less we have been very busy and i can't wait for Christmas to be able to put a tree and have Andreya really enjoy the holidays this year since she is old enough now. Well that's a little about me i will try to post more often. C ya soon!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sorry so long for new blog!!!!

Sorry it has taken me so long to post a new blog we were in the process of moving to the hot hot valley and my husband took our computer. well i finally got moved down here with him and i started my job yesterday. so far it's been a good time except my husband got into a minor accident but all is good. as soon as i can get some new pictures down loaded i will share with you guys.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend...

This year for the fourth of july we got up and fought the traffic and busyiness of the parade fanatics it was such a long parade i didn't think it was every going to end me and my sister Anissa kept looking over the hill to see if it was coming to end, and two hours later it did lol. We had planned on going down to taylor to watch the annual Taylor night rodeo but we never made it down there we kind of got lazy and just stayed home and let Andreya play outside for a while. She played so hard for about an hour and we went in and was watching tv and next thing we knew she was sound asleep on the floor. That is very unsual for her she never falls asleep on the floor usually she is to busy running around. We had a awesome Fourth of July this year and I am so glad that i got to spend it with my little monkey, Husband and my Family.

My family waiting for the parade to start.

Andreya and Daddy smile Daddy your on camera.

Mommy and Andreya.

Andreya having fun at home.

My poor baby was so tired.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday my sweet little one year old!!!

Yesterday we had Andreya's first birthday party. It turned out really nice, we had it at woodland park in pinetop. The weather was so nice it was sunny but not to sunny. We had a lady who makes cakes make her cake into a castle and Andreya had her own cake with a princess wand and hair ties on it. We had Lot's food Gabe wanted to make roast with chili which turned out so delicious and we had rice and beans also. Gabe loves this salad called frito salad so of course i made that for him. We had so many family members and close friends come it was so nice. I wanted to cry when we started singing happy birthday to her i just can't believe that my little girl is already one. She had a blast she walked everywhere and played with everything. We had bought her a pinata and i stuffed that thing full of candy when the kids broke it open there was so much candy lol. We had so much fun at her birthday party i wanted to make it so nice for her and i think i accomplished that. I was so happy when my grandfather and Venla came it was so nice to see them there. I am so thankful for my beautiful little girl she really just lights up my life and when i stop and think of everything we had to go through to get her here it was worth everything and i would do it over again if i had to. I am so blessed to have her and my awesome husband he just keeps us going. He was so sad also when we started singing happy birthday i thought i was going to see tears coming down his face, but he kept his composure but inside i know he was falling apart.

I think she got like twenty outfits in her gifts!

Dad and Andreya "Smile dad she only turns one once".

Mom and Andreya!!!

Andreya eating her birthday cake.

Her again getting into it.

Her First Birthday cake!!

Andreya trying to break open the pinata with mommy's help.

My Grandpa and Grandma Hunt with Andreya and us.

Andreya opening gifts.

My sisters Briana Andreya and Mindy and Wylenn and Little Brinley.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had an awesome Easter this year. Me and Gabe made Andreya little Easter basket with a few things that she needed. When she woke up she was so excited to see her basket because it makes a lot of noise which she loves. I thought it would be cute to put her in some little bunny pj's for bed the night before she looked so cute in them.

In her basket was a set of Easter ears. At first when we put them on her she loved them but the more she wore them she got tired and she eventually broke one of the ears, then they wouldn't stand up like they were supposed to.

We were able to find her little Easter dress for such a great price that i thought i just had to buy it. She looked so beautiful in it. It kind of looked like a 50's sock hop dress. I tried taking pictures myself of her and her dress she really would not corporate with me. I tried giving her a bunny to pose with her but all she wanted to do with it is sit on it.

I love this picture!

We went down to my mom and dad's house and dinner with my family. All the kids had fun playing with everyone. We ate so much food. My mom had made this really cute cake that looks like a bunny it was really cute. And my sister she made Easter baskets out of noodles that were just as awesome. I was really just a great visit. We missed our sisters that weren't there but we know that they were missing us to.
On Monday we got some really bad news we had found out that her Dr. had passed away. We were so heart broken she was such a good Dr. with Andreya and took such great care of her. My heart just goes out to her family and we will defiantly miss taking Andreya to see her.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This weekend me and Gabe got a new car so we decided to take it down to Tucson to get the windows tinted. It was a really nice trip for us we got to see his dad who we don't see a lot because he lives in Tucson. While we were there we visited Gabe's cousin Erica and her family the weather was so nice down there that we were able to go outside and sit and talk. Andreya's Nino Juju had put her in the baby swing on there swing set and Andreya loved it. At first she really didn't want to go real high but as she got used to it she loved to swing very high. After a while Andreya started to get tired so we gave her, her bottle and she fell right asleep in that little swing. She had so much fun with that swing it wore her out. She slept all the home because we still went home that night even though it was late. We had gone a couple of weekends before that and stayed to nights and it was really nice the only thing is Andreya did not like sleeping in the hotel she missed her crib at home. So mommy really didn't get that much sleep that weekend because we got up early both days to get what we needed done. Here are some pictures of our weekend.